Tuesday, April 25, 2017

One Last Hurrah

I know I sound like a broken record, but Auston is deploying soon and my already mushy, sentimental personality has been kicked into hyper-drive. This has left me with the overwhelming need to intentionally enjoy every moment that I have left with my husband.

Talking with him while he feeds Ezra a bottle? Enjoy that moment.

Laughing at a chef on Chopped together? Enjoy that moment.

Exchanging a quizzical look over our Facebook friend's questionable status? Enjoy that moment.

Maaaybe I'm clinging onto every insignificant moment just a little bit too much, but I'm pretty sure that that's Army wife protocol. Either way, deployment or no deployment, I will always cherish a date night with my hubby. This past Friday we snuck out while Ezra was with a sitter and partied like young, hip, kids. And by 'partied', I mean we ate until we were uncomfortably full and were back home by 8:45.

When we got to downtown Pensacola, we found out there was an art festival going on. We walked around from booth to booth and sampled some yummy local food. Auston had tacos al pastor and we split a basket of fried pickles.

Rather than heading straight to dinner, we were rebels and had dessert first. I had the tastiest smore's, honey lavender, and white chocolate macarons and Auston had bread pudding.

My favorite part of the night was walking up and down Palafox Street and people watching. Auston and I took turns guessing other people's conversations. That game usually ended with me laughing way too loud and us scurrying away as fast as we could before someone noticed.

Then we ate dinner at The Tin Cow, a.k.a. the coolest restaurant ever! They have a super unique menu that lets you customize every single bit of your burger! Plus, they have delicious adult milksakes. They're so good that even I will drink them!... although, I could have gone without the alcohol infused cherry (gross!).

The Bushwhacker: 16 oz of frozen, chocolate, coconut, yumminess!

All tuckered out at home... at 8:45 pm. What can I say? We're young, cool, hip, cool, trendy, - did I mention cool? - thrill seekers.

On a side note, I asked Auston if I should title this post, "One Last Hooah" and he gave me the nastiest stinkeye! Bahahaha!

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